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"Verum Per Scientia" - Truth Through Science
"when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

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We have just been commissioned by the Friends of the J. Thompson Baker House, and the Wildwood Historical Society to handle the screening and selection of groups interested in investigating either the J. Thompson Baker House or the George F. Boyer Wildwood Museum!

If you belong to an organized group, and are interested in performing a research study at either, or both, of these locations, please fill out the form below!

Request for Consideration to Investigate

Who Are We?

We are a Scientifically based Paranormal Research Group comprised of members from all walks of life, and from all different view points and religious philosophies that all share one thing: The desire for truth. We are located in Cumberland County, Southern New Jersey, but we are ready and willing to serve New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We can perform paranormal research studies in nearly any venue: House, apartment, business, historical sites, even outdoor venues.

What Do We Do?

We are not your typical Ghost Hunters. We do not subscribe to the mass hysteria theory. We believe that the circumstances you are encountering are real and fall into one of the following categories, and we present solutions to all of the causes:

1: Environmental
2: Biological
3: Chemical
4: Behavioral
5: Paranormal

We believe ourselves to be the only Paranormal Research Group that truly investigates all potential influences causing your experiences, AND provides solutions to those experiences. We take a scientific approach to our paranormal research studies that most other Ghost Hunters don't.

How Do We Do It?

We begin all paranormal research studies with an in depth interview with you. This interview process may include a request to keep a journal of events and behaviours.

We attack all potential causes of the suspected paranormal events occurring using as many different forms of scientific equipment and research approaches from CO meters, to frequency detectors, to chemical and environmental tests, to pet behaviorlists.

We have associations to resources to correct environmental issues, refer you to sources for solutions to biological issues both internal and external, chemical detection and cleanup, pet behavioral concerns, and of course, paranormal research, identification, and even elimination if necessary.

Do you have an event or experience occuring that you believe to be paranormal?

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