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Pets and the Paranormal

It is thought that pets possess Extra Sensory Perception. As Pet Parents, we are in tune with our pets’ behaviors and patterns. We at Cumberland County Paranormal (CCP) are proud to announce that we are one of the first paranormal research groups to offer a very comprehensive array of possible solutions to these phenomena.

Our experience in these matters has offered three areas of influence:

1. Environmental
2. Behavioral
3. Paranormal.

It is known that if our pets are not comfortable within their environment, it will become evident in their behaviors and patterns. We at CCP have an array of tools at our disposal to assess the general environment. We will rule out life safety, note CO readings, any electrical problems, and so on with the use of frequency meters. We will also look into all possibilities of environmental anomalies that may cause a reaction from the pets.

If any of these are found, CCP will offer recommendations to correct the problem that may be contributing to your pets’ discomfort. The pets’ behavior will be observed and all data that is collected will be sent to one of our Animal Behavioralist. By doing this, we can determine if the behavior in question is within the normal range of behaviors for its breed or species.

If environmental and behavioral factors are ruled out as catalysts for the phenomenon, only then will CCP recommend initiating a research study of the premises. This is done out of deference for your family and privacy. We have found that by addressing all possible factors, most phenomena can be identified and resolved.

What Do I Do?

If you believe that your pet is having a Paranormal Event, please contact us here, then go to the Journal Download below and print out the "Day #1 Intake Questionnaire” and 2 weeks worth of the “Daily Journal Sheets.” With these forms, it is very important to complete the daily journal and the questionnaire to the best of your ability. The reason CCP asks for the degree of details on the forms is to gather information which will allow us to provide you with a thorough evaluation. Our team will refer to your journal entries during the evaluation to identify patterns which will better allow us to offer recommendations to resolve your phenomena. Please do not omit anything. The most incidental detail could shed light on the situation.

We at CCP go to great lengths to protect your property and privacy. We will only share information with those who would be directly involved with your case. No one would be contacted with out your consent. If you decide to use any of the CCP services, we would ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement.

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