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George F. Boyer Wildwood Museum - June 27, 2011

General Background
Cumberland County Paranormal was invited to research the George F. Boyer Wildwood Museum by the Wildwood Historical Society. This was a one time exclusive private invitation, and we were honored to accept.

The museum contains a bounty of history, memorabilia, and memories that trace the history of Wildwood, it's founders and creators, and it's evolution back to the very beginning. When you step in to the museum, you are immediately confronted with a wash of things that trigger your own childhood memories of visits to Wildwood, the events that have occured there, and the people who made it what it is. We highly recommend a visit to the museum just to "cruise down memory lane". Entrance to the museum is free, but donations are highly appreciated as it is what keeps the museum going. You can find information about the museum here. If you are in the Wildwood area, take a few minutes and stop by to tour the history, say hello to our friends, and drop a small donation in the box to help them keep the history of Wildwood alive!

Before becoming the Wildwood Museum, the building itself was home to Ingersol's Funeral Home, which at the time was the only funeral home on the island. During it's existance as the funeral home, the building housed the owners above the parlor. The building retains much of the structure as it was then, including an embalming room still containing the original "wash sink" that was in use during its days as a funeral parlor. It also still has the original double doors attached to this embalming room where bodies were wheeled in from a side yard where trucks would back right up to the building.

General Museum Photos
Current Image of the Museum
Image of the original Ingersol Funeral Home
The Viewing Room of the Ingersol Funeral Home
The Casket Sales Room of the Ingersol Funeral Home
The Team
CCP Team Members present for the Research Study were:

- Clay Borneman
- Matt Fisher
- Karen Rafine
- Jennifer Rafine

Guest Researchers present for the study were:

- James O'Hagan
- Dewel Rivera Jr.

These three photos complements of Tom Kinnemand, Photographer

The Claims
Prior to the actual agreement to research the location, claims were unremarkable. However, CCP felt that with the history of the building, and the contents of the museum currently, the location was prime for potential activity.

Shortly after initial conversations and agreement to the research study, museum volunteers began detecting isolated unexplainable scents described as smokey, burnt, and then sweet smells. During a walkthrough, several members of the CCP staff detected the smell of sweet pipe tobacco that seemed to appear and disappear just as quickly.

It should be noted that members of the research team did detect these smells near air conditioning vents, however, the actual origin of the scent could not be located.

Museum volunteers also reported sudden odd occurrances that could not be explained one way or another.

One such claim was that the phone started ringing in the afternoon with noone on the other end. Additionally, the alarm had gone off a couple of times in the middle of the night with no logical explanation. This could be explained as coincidental phone line issues, but no other issues with the phone lines were reported.

Another claim was that one of the motion sensor lights would go on in the side room, and then quickly turn off. If the motion sensor was activated, the light is set to stay on for a certain period of time before it goes back out again, and motion needs to break the plane of the door way by at least 18 to 20 inches before the light will come on. It was noted that noone was anywhere near the doorway, or even in the building for that matter. It was also noticed that there may have been a fly in the building. While this could have set the sensor off, it does not explain why it immediately went back out. One volunteer also stated that when they came in to open the building up in the morning, one of the motion sensor lights was on upon entering the building.

Equipment Used
We used the following equipment during the research study:

- 8 Camera DVR System
- 7 Infrared Night Vision Surveilance Cameras
- SVP Full Spectrum Still/Video Camera
- Supplemental IR Illuminators
- Laser Grid
- Cell Sensor EMF Meter
- ELF EMF Meters
- CO Meter
- Digital Thermometer
- Hand Held Digital Cameras
- Hand Held Digital Recorders
- Multiple supplemental UV Blacklights
- GEO Phone
- 2-way radios
- Toshiba Laptop
Environmental Data
Temperature Mean Temperature 76 F - -
Max Temperature 84 F 79 F 93 F (2010)
Min. Temperature 69 F 65 F 62 F (2004)
Moisture Dew Point 67 F - -
Average Humidity 78 - -
Maximum Humidity 94 - -
Minimum Humidity 58 - -
Precipitation Precipitation 0.00 in. - -
Sea Level Pressure Sea Level Pressure 30.01 in. - -
Wind Wind Speed 3 mph (ese) - -
Max Wind Speed 12 mph - -
Max Gust Speed - - -
Visibility 10 miles - -
The Research Study
The command center was set up off center from the front of the building with the DVR monitoring station and laptop, as well as equipment handling.
Command was manned by Matt Fisher
Research teams were sent out in groups of 3, carrying digital cameras, digital recorders, and hand held emf meters.
EVP Sessions were conducted in 2 10 minute increments per team, one team of 3 people at a time.

Team sessions were conducted in the main exibit room and two side exibit rooms, which used to be the viewing room of the funeral home, and in the embalming room.
Three teams in total producing a total of approximately 80 minutes of audio were sent out during the course of the study.

7 DVR IR Cameras ran continuously through the night, producing a total of approximately 14 hours of total video.

Approximately 200 total digital images were taken from a variety of digital camera devices, including a full spectrum camera.

Towards the close of the evening, the decision was made to bring out an experimental tool and a 20 minute "Crosstalk" software EVP session was performed.

The Evidence
Photo Evidence After review, no notable photo evidence was found.
Video Evidence After review, no notable video evidence was found.

However, we present the video here for peer review, in it's un-edited entirety.
IR Camera 1
IR Camera 2
IR Camera 3
IR Camera 4
IR Camera 5
IR Camera 6
IR Camera 7
Audio Evidence This first clip was caught at the very beginning of the first session.
The second clip was caught at the very beginning of the second session.
The third clip was caught so early in the third session, our researcher hadn't even finished cueing up the session yet!
The Conclusion
Because there were no claims coming from this property, we took a shot in the dark based on its history and contents.

That being said, we sure are glad we did!

The general "feeling" of the property during the investigation was that of a reserved curiosity. The best way to describe it is the feeling of being observed by a curious child told not to talk to strangers that kept peeking around corners to see what the new people were doing. During de-briefing, the entire team relayed the same observations about the general air about the building during the investigation.

While we saw no photographic or video evidence to speak of, we believe the EVPs captured above are compelling in and of themselves and certainly warrant a follow up.

As a team, we believe that the energies that inhabit a location need to feel as comfortable with us as researchers as we do with them as residents. Often, the first research event is merely an "introduction", of sorts, and sometimes it takes several events for the residents to become comfortable enough with us to really "come out of their shell", so-to-speak.

So as of now, the volunteers at the museum are kind of absorbing the events and the evidence, and we are following up on some other cases, but certainly are looking forward to our follow up research event!

Special Thanks
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Wildwood Leader News Article

Full Issue Here
Spooky night at the Wildwood Museum


The sounds, smells and sights of a spooky night were explored here in a former funeral parlor as part of a scientific experiment into the world of the ethereal.

Eight men and women of the Cumberland County Paranormal organization brought eight cameras, 800 feet of connecting wire, audio and other high tech equipment into the George F. Boyer Museum to investigate whether there were still some apparitions or anomalies, more commonly referred to as ghosts, floating around since the Ingersoll Funeral Home, circa 1925, evacuated the place on Pacific Avenue before the museum took over in 1998. The targeted rooms were the former viewing room, the casket salesroom and the laboratory where bodies were prepared.

Did a door to the embalming room move mysteriously? It was investigated.

“Do you like it here?” paranormal investigators asked the unseen in the darkness of the night.

Were there apparitions turning on and off motion sensitive lights in the display room of Wildwood High School when no one else was in the room?

And how about those strange smells, changing from smoky burning incense to sweet smells, sometimes like pipe tobacco, that would appear and disappear?

Some of the questions drew negative answers, others required further analyses, according to the final report.

The Wildwood High School finding was that there could have been a few flies which could have tripped the light, but no explanation could be given for why the light would come on and then suddenly turn off without waiting for the set time that had been activated. An impatient apparition perhaps?

As for those strange smells, the researchers did notice a smell occurring near air conditioning vents in side rooms, but could not tell where the smell was originating.

There did not appear to be anything on record on how apparitions cooked and what they cooked.

The movement of the door to the embalming room while shut was attributed to street level vibrations from cars or trucks that drove by on Pacific Avenue where the museum is located between Spencer and Spicer avenues. Some people have claimed that the ghosts of Wildwood’s past still exist on Pacific Avenue, but no reference was made to that.

Clayton Bornaman, a Wildwood High School graduate who is the founder and director of the Cumberland County Paranormal organization, asked in the funeral parlor’s former viewing room and in the museum’s fire and police exhibit room “Do you like it here?”

“The audio data produced some interesting results that will be reviewed with the client before being disclosed,” the concluding report stated. No mention was made as to whether the apparitions will be told, too.

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